Enjoy Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries At Home

Chocolates can put a smile on anybody’s face. When it comes to Godiva premium quality chocolates, the joy is unprecedented.

Crafted with finesse and technique passed down from a family of Belgian chocolatiers, each piece of goody is elegant, indulging, and soul-quenching. GODIVA is the ultimate choice for gifting your loved ones or for pure guiltless indulgence. The authentic Belgian taste of these dopamine alleviating sweetmeat makes them the perfect snack for you and your loved ones.

While a variety of these delectable wonders is available with a click, here is a unique way to create your recipe using Godiva chocolates.

Happiness also sounds like a basket of freshly plucked strawberries. How about combining the goodness of strawberries with the magic of Godiva chocolates? All you need to do is, get into a good mood, light some scented candles, and try this easy recipe to create a signature dessert in the comfort of your home.

  • Godiva chocolates (can be dark, milk, or white) taste equally compelling and when you melt them in a double boiler or a microwave-safe bowl, the aroma engulfs you ethereally. 
  • It is imperative to melt the chocolates perfectly and here are a few steps to guide you for the same. Place a bowl over a pot of simmering water and ensure the bowl is very clean and does not have any moisture in it to prevent the chocolate from spilling. Make sure that the bowl does not touch the surface of the water at all. Chop up the chocolate into small pieces and place in the bowl and stir with a spatula (so that no bubbles form) and keep stirring until every last piece of chocolate melts completely. When the chocolate almost melts, remove the bowl from the heat and place it on a towel. Transfer to a serving bowl and the melted chocolate is ready to use as needed.
  • Hold a washed and dried strawberry by its stem and gently dip it into a creamy mixture of melted Godiva chocolate. 
  • Once completely covered, place the strawberry on a parchment-lined sheet carefully kept on a flat plate.
  • You can do this to as many strawberries as you have unless you give in to the temptation of gulping one or two. 
  • Your perfectly arranged plate of strawberries dipped in the richness of Godiva chocolates is ready to be refrigerated. 
  • Ten minutes are all it takes to allow the chocolate to set on the bright red strawberries.

You can also drizzle melted white chocolate or add toppings like sprinkles, crushed nuts, or coconut flakes for added texture and flavour.

Voila! Your creatively curated recipe of this scarlet-hued fruit dipped in the divinity of chocolate is ready to be served!

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