How are GODIVA Chocolates Made?

Godiva chocolates are known for their exceptional quality and unique flavour combinations. Our secret? Creative chefs and quality ingredients. We’re always seeking out new ideas. We only use the finest, GMO-free ingredients. We’re committed to sustainability. Driven by passion and innovation – we are Godiva.


The Godiva Ingredients

Our chocolate is created from a very special recipe. We scour the globe to find incredible cocoa – and that’s just the beginning. From the degree of roasting to the fineness of the grinding, every step of way our cocoa beans are treated with love and care. The Godiva kitchens: where the magic happens. Our chefs’ mission is to make your taste-buds dance and your palate sing. Warming liqueurs, zesty fruit flavours, velvety caramels and so much more are created right here in the Godiva kitchen.


Praline: Creamy, nutty praline: the very first Godiva recipe. Praline will always be close to our hearts. How exactly do you create the perfect praline? We follow the recipe first created by our founder Pierre Draps, of caramelised hazelnuts and sugar, ground to form a powder and combined with oil from the grinding process. Always made in-house.


Nougatine: Nougatine is a Godiva classic. Crushed, roasted nuts are mixed with sugar caramel and spread over a marble table to cool, before being broken into small squares. Crispy, crunchy and surprisingly creamy.


The Preparation of Pralines and Chocolates

A work of art; a thing of beauty. We take our chocolates seriously, and since 1926 we’ve been perfecting and refining our five techniques. Moulding, extrusion, enrobing by hand, dipping and hand piped decoration – all of these and more go into each Godiva chocolate. We love a unique, distinctive shape in our chocolates, and we achieve this through moulding. Glossy, liquid chocolate is poured into moulds. Symmetrical filled separately then assembled allow for the creation of double-sided chocolates. Extrusion creates some of Godiva’s creamiest centres. Filling is passed through a plate with a pre-determined hole to produce a roll, which is cooled. It’s then cut into pieces to form individual chocolate centres. Creating a filled chocolate is done using enrobing – passing the cooled, ready cut interior under a curtain of liquid chocolate and then through a refrigerated tunnel. They can be decorated in a number of ways.

Picture liquid, velvety chocolate covering fresh, juicy strawberries and zesty candied orange; our famous hand-dipping technique might seem brand new, but it goes all the way back to the beginning of the Godiva story. The final touch to our chocolates is the hand piped decoration – expert chocolate calligraphy. We’ll leave you with a little piece of Godiva history: the leaf which decorates the Signature chocolate is a stylised version of the feather in Scarlett O’Hara’s hat, and was created to celebrate the release of ‘Gone with the Wind’, in Brussels in 1949.